Stem Cell Transplant – Day 27

Like a Rhinovirus…

POINTLESS REMINISCENCE ALERT: When I was six or seven years old, I arrived at school to find all my classmates standing outside, and Lerwick’s finest firefighters charging into the building. “Finally someone’s done something usefgul” I thought, but alas no flames, no ashes, just a wasted half hour standing around outside not being allowed to play. A Special Assembly was held the next morning in which the affectionately-nicknamed Asst, Head Poison-Dwarf held up a small bouncy ball and said “one of THESE [scowling side-eye to the ball] caused all of the disruption and trouble here yesterday”.

Well, I can beat that. Because, referring to the above illustration, I can say that one of THESE [scowling side-eye to the Rhinovirus] caused all of the trouble of the last couple of days. 30 nanometers of misery which, coincidentally, also describes my most recent run with Millie.

The problem has been identified. That is, at least, the current problem has been identified, after the previous identified problem has been dealt with by the antibiotics, and now there’s this problem remaining. The E-Coli had been got rid of, and the pesky rhinovirus is the culprit.

The rhinovirus, disappointingly not named after the chubby unicorns in the savannah but after it’s favourite home – the human nose, is the most common virus in humans, and it causes the cold.

According to that Wikipedia, one of the treatments considered for rhinovirus was intranasal interferon-alpha but human guinea pigs experience side effects “like nasal bleeding” so maybe let’s not do that. Instead, we just have to wait it out.

Kip was in pretty good humour when not having fevers, and we had a family WhatsApp call where the children were able to talk all things Lego and have a good laugh about silly UK placenames. There is a place called Rotten Bottom. When Kip is well, we’re going.


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