Stem Cell Transplant – Day 28

In the words of Python, “Hot enough to boil a monkey’s bum, Your Majesty”

Changeover day again; Sarah and I taking slightly shorter stints as it’s pretty full-on being in the hospital at the moment managing this fever and all the associated crankiness.

Kip’s temperature has dropped to normal for significant periods but keeps stubbornly popping up above the fever mark on a regular basis. We’re just waiting out the passage of this virus and making sure it doesn’t have any untoward effects.

Tomorrow is a big-ish day as he needs a CT scan, so there’s a trip through the hospital to be had and another anaesthetic so he stays still throughout.

In good news, Sarah and I got to have a little Valentine’s date – in that we said hi to each other in the hospital foyer. We chatted about joyful and romantic things like diarrhoea, and strategies for getting him in the shower, and whether or not Millie was getting enough sleep…

Today marks four weeks since our admission. Tuesday will mark three weeks since the stem cells were transplanted, and we really hope to see some results soon. If not, some extra interventions might be required, but more on that if we need to.


One thought on “Stem Cell Transplant – Day 28

  1. Hi, good news that Kip’s temp has started to be normal, albeit for a few moments. Hope it’s the sign of better things.
    Wishing you all the best.


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