Stem Cell Transplant – Day 29

A picture from happier times, three years ago when Kip had his first central line removed. He’d had quite a day in the hospital with a suspected line infection that meant it had to come out but, because of the infection he had to go last on the list; he was fasting from 3am to 7pm and the wonderful surgical team stayed late to make sure he was seen.

Today there are still questions of line infection, as the rhinovirus explanation we so confidently shared the other day turns out to be just one of those things and doesn’t properly explain his symptoms. A new bug was found in some samples, and it’s not certain if it came from him or was a contaminant introduced in the testing. Since growing the culture takes 48 hours, it’s an incredibly frustrating delay.

All that and still no sign of those donated stem cells working.

So tomorrow he will have a medicine called G-CSF, which is a protein designed to give the embryonic immune system a bit of a nudge towards being productive. Hopefully we’ll then find out by the end of the week if this whole process has actually worked or not. The former is likely, the latter doesn’t really bear thinking about.

The worst part of today is that Kip has been quite poorly, lethargic and very congested, so he’s tired and fed up and not at all his joyful loving self. That’s the hardest bit to watch.


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