Stem Cell Transplant – Day 30

Small dose, big punch.

Today is three weeks since the stem cells were transplanted into Kip’s bloodstream. We (and the team here) had been expecting to see white cells showing up in his bloodstream a week ago, but still nothing today. So, today he was administered a dose of Granulocyte Culture Stimulating Factor (GCSF – and good grief does that need a catchier name) which, over the next two or three days, should stimulate any stem cells in his bone marrow to start doing what bone marrow is meant to do and start producing white blood cells.

Until these cells start working, Kip remains without an immune system and so he’s been vulnerable to, well, virtually everything. The fevers have continued today, though much improved from yesterday, and the lack of functioning bone marrow meant he needed platelets today as well.

Effectively managing pain is a bit of an issue as well; the bubbly and active boy we all know has been lethargic, irritable and upset for a couple of days. Hopefully in the morning we can manage to get him hooked up to the horse tranquilisers again!

Despite the downsides, he is at least still going and still determined. We get to read together and watch Tom & Jerry. Occasionally we get a smile. Hoping for progress by the weekend.

Also, and this is unrelated, the UK Government are corrupt imbeciles. That is all.


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