Stem Cell Transplant – Day 31

Wall-E and Octonauts, two favourites.

Wednesday was a better day in many ways after a bit of an unpleasant night. We finally got some pain management sorted which appears to be working.

In this post I wanted to give a shout to an awesome charity called Supershoes. They customise a pair of Converse trainers for children with cancer, you just tell them what your kid is into and their artists hand paint it on.

We received Kip’s ones today, featuring R2D2, Wall-E, the Octonauts and #SmellyPantsWee on each side.

It’s a wonderful gift, completely unique and a brilliant idea. Once Kip is a bit more mobile I know he’s going to love wearing them!

We had a changeover again; as Kip has been less well and sleeping through the day, we had fewer visits from the play therapists and other professionals; in turn that means not having an opportunity to get off the ward even for ten minutes, which really affects how long we can stay in without it getting to us.

Hopefully now with better pain management that will start to change as Kip really benefits from the sessions, as do Sarah and I!

Still no sign of action from the bone marrow, but we’ll know more at the weekend.


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