Stem Cell Transplant – Day 34

Does my bunny look big in this?

Kip hada pretty active morning, awake at seven and demanding to have his bath immediately – how could one say no to that?

After that the poor boy got crankier and crankier until, lightbulb moment, we started using his pain relief a bit more liberally. From there the day was just excellent. He had a nice restorative nap, then a whole hour on a video call with Granny and Grandpa, playing with his favourite colour of balloon and reading a few stories.

His fevers stopped through the bulk of the day, returning in the evening so we had over twelve hours where he didn’t have a high temperature. It came back later, along with nausea and sickness, and we are braced for this being an up and down chaos over the next few days, even weeks.

We’re also trying to get his fluid intake sorted; too much and he gets puffy and unwell, but too little and he also gets unwell. There’s a balancing act to master that we are !ere apprentices at present.

Blood counts still encouraging though so while there are daily challenges that make life unpleasant for him and us, there is a lot of hope. Things could be going much, much worse…


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