Stem Cell Transplant – Day 36

Pretending to be Darth Vader?

Yet more progress today, as Kip’s neutrophils rocket up into single figures! He’s gone from 0.4 yesterday to a full 1.0 today.

Sarah is in the hospital with him and is bearing the full force of a little boy who is feeling a bit more energetic and wanting to play; I think I’ve dodged a bullet there!

Other good news is that his twice-daily weight measurement and kidney function tests are being reduced to daily, which means they’re less worried about his fluid balance and function.

The poor boy is still a bit bunged up, and had to have a new sticky plaster covering his NG tube as the previous one was coming undone – it’s not pleasant to watch your little boy cough and the tube wibble-wobble about. One thing that Kip really hates is having a plaster taken off, so kudos to him for putting up with this. And for putting up with all the other stuff, for that matter.

We’re five weeks in, this might even be halfway. Even so, there will be a long recovery ahead and Sarah and I are facing a bit of uncertainty about what we’re going to do with ourselves. Can we go back to work (in healthcare, and risk infections coming in)? Or do we try and jump on the social media influencer bandwagon and release daily videos about our avocado salads on Instagram? Hmm…


One thought on “Stem Cell Transplant – Day 36

  1. I doubt if either of you would be prepared to wear enough make up to become an Instagram Influencer! But the day job may not be the best option for a while. Once the vaccine kicks in, things might change, and there might be ways to avoid actual sick people (try Occupational Health?)


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