Stem Cell Transplant – Day 69

Guess who’s back?

I’ve been home today with Sarah having the hospital experience, but still managed a look-in as my afternoon exercise got me past the hospital and she and Kip waved from the second floor window.

Kip had some time unattached from pumps and drips and lines today, which is always a welcome break for him but unfortunately due to the continuing temperatures and dealing with, you know, all this cancer crap, he was a bit too tired to do much with that.

This weekend will be something of a non-event because we’re just waiting for results early next week to let us know what the balance of donor cells is and the full deal with the skin biopsy a few days ago. In the meantime, Kip has nothing to do except watch the contents of the Internet streaming on the Amazon Fire dongle. Yes, they are a monumentally shitty company to their staff and they should pay their taxes and Jeff Bezos could single-handedly solve the climate crisis and poverty with a tenth of his worth, but we’re in a hole and sometimes binge watching Paw Patrol is the highlight of his day. We don’t really have the luxury of boycotting shitty companies right now because they’re bloody everywhere. Kip’s food is made by Nestle, so…

Any, nuts to political ranting (I normally do that when I’m recording a podcast and drinking whisky, and right now there’s a bottle of Shackleton sitting here being a bad influence).

We swap over again tomorrow and my days will be filled with fluid balances and rubbing creams into irritated skin. We wait. We wait a bit more. We put up with uncertainty because it’s the only predictable thing.

You can probably tell we’re frustrated. We just want him home and healthy.


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