Stem Cell Transplant – Day 71

At least it’s not Paw Patrol…

Another day, another series of inconclusive discussions and another trip down to radiology.

The concentration of donor T-Cells has slightly increased to 49%, but otherwise no change.

The skin biopsy from last week seems to rule out the expected Graft Vs Host Disease we were (partially) expecting and more towards the confusing and rate Gianotti Crosti Syndrome – although confusingly his symptoms are not typical for either.

Still unresolved is the source of Kip’s recurring fevers, which are happening between one and three times a day. We have no idea what is causing it, and no idea why it hasn’t responded to the broad spectrum antibiotics or antivirals or antifungals…

We expect to be in until at least the end off the week as we can’t leave until this issue is resolved and his temperature stays below 38°C for at least 48 hours. This is getting quite frustrating…


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