Stem Cell Transplant – Day 73

I think this might be the first video we have uploaded, and what a video it is… After the misery of bed-bound days, low energy, sore skin, nausea and discomfort whileplumbed into feeding pumps and medicine pumps, today Kip was unattached and unconcerned as he ran around his room on the ward.

Yesterday he had a CT scan and the results back today indicate there’s a fungus of some sort in one of his lungs. We don’t know what it is or how he got it or how long it’s been there or how long it’s likely to stay, but there is the reassurance of at least a partial cause for what’s happened to him over the past fortnight.

Treatment will be an increased dose of antifungal infusions (no, it’s not like herbal tea) that will transpose from an intravenous dose to an oral equivalent that will allow us to get h… I’m not even going to type it lest I incur what Sorking described as “the wrath from high atop the thing”.

I took Millie to the park today for an educational session that ended with her running around in circles too, and there is such a release of joy at having two children so fulfilled at being able to run around in circles.

There is (Eeyore moment) still a lot to be concerned about (like prognosis, and these transplanted cells mounting a comeback or it being a battle royale in the bone marrow, all that crap). As long as he lives, I will always live with the anxiety of relapse, infection, tissue rejection, side effects and secondaries. Nobody deserves cancer, least of all children. There are times that the universe seems cold and callous.

And other times that universe gives you a four year-old boy running round a tiny room saying “this is quite fun”.


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