Stem Cell Transplant – Day 74

Who’s gonna drive you home tonight?

Changeover Day arrived again, but this time with a difference. On our morning conference call with the medics (the parent at home joins the discussion on WhatsApp, which is about 5% effective!) we discussed h*me.

What Kip needed was 48hours without a fever (check), a working diagnosis (check), a planned date for a bone marrow test (check), the rash to be improving (check) and a plan for blood test over the weekend (check).

And so… at 4:25pm this afternoon, Kip drove himself off the ward and into the lift. We got in the proper car and drove home, where he snuck in the door and surprised his sister.

We had a celebratory pizza and Millie and Kip played in the house, round the garden until the inevitable exhaustion led them off to bed.

Once again, a happy household. Now we just need to sleep!


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