Stem Cell Transplant – Day 75

The Mjolnir-ness of you…

The first full day at home, so everything has gone swimmingly well, there was peace and joy in the House, and everyone asleep in bed by 10pm.

In opposite world.

The highs were numerous; the kids playing together in the garden for one. Kip climbed into the wheelbarrow and Millie raced him down to the bottom, round the den, up through the bushes to the top again and again, to the sound of laughter. We all got to eat together. All our hospital bags are unpacked. There’s food in the fridge and we collected about a ton of firewood for nothing.

AND… Sarah and I got to go for a walk, for an hour, just the two of us. Brilliant stuff.

Sadly, just as we gave the night time meds, Kip vomited it all up and did a massive poo simultaneously. We both instinctively looked round for the call button to get the nurses to come and help. Really should get one of those fitted in the house.


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