Stem Cell Transplant – Day 76

Another great day at home – the main challenge being that it took 40 minutes to get Kip ready to go to the park (what with layers and meds and fluids and feed and suddenyl deciding he wanted to take his bike and – the horror – applying suncream.

We walked down to the park, he rode his bike for 110 yards and then wanted to come home again.

We presuaded some juice into him, but we’re really trying not to stress about making him eat and drink. If we’re stressed he picks up on it and gets stressed himself, and then we’re sucked into The Vortex of Nope for an hour.

Bizarrely he won’t even eat sweets!

We had a home visit from the community nurse today to get blood for testing, hopefully to find that his liver is coping with the antifungal medication.

Then in the afternoon Sarah took Kip into town to get his Covid swab ahead of Tuesday’s clinic and procedures. Kip did half of it himself, taking charge of sticking the swab up his nose. He’s remarkably blasé about some of these things now.


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