Stem Cell Transplant – Day 77

Syringe in the morning sun…

A trip to the park with Kip in his big buggy (biggy?) had to be cut short because, despite clear skies and bright sunshine, there was a bitterly cold wind and the place was crawling with ordinary civilians with their germs and germy children. Waving a pointed stick around to keep the masses 2m distant*, we went back home and larked about in the garden.

A surprisingly normal and enjoyable Easter egg hunt happened, neither child lapsed into a sugar-inducex coma, and both Sarah and I got some time to ourselves.

Thankfully, Kip’s itchiness in his feet has reduced a lot, partly through healing and partly through medication. You can see the mini-pharmacy we have at hand, and my little checklist too.

All in, a pretty happy weekend!


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