Stem Cell Transplant – Day 81

There are no words!

So the kids were not particularly enthused with my little teaching session on the Vikings. Kip said it was “too boring and lasting too long” while Millie the herself on the floor and made a sound I remember from The Exorcist.

However, once they’d had a snack, they went off to the garden with swords, axes and shields, and let battle commence.

Later on they added capes, Millie made a cardboard helmet and I think they were pretty much ready to raid a monastery.

Or big challenge for the day has been increasing Kip’s fluid intake to help out his kidneys; one of the antifungal medications was a little too high so we’ve reduced that as well.

We had to take the plaster off his back from Tuesdays bone marrow aspiration and lumbar puncture, and taking of sticky things is probably his least favourite thing. His skin is quite sensitive, so there’s a bit of pain. We have various potions to daub on the surgical tape to make it come off easier but it’s still difficult for him.

Tomorrow is another clinic day and I’ll hopefully update his collection of beads and share a picture.


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