Stem Cell Transplant – Day 83

Quite snuggly one morning.

A really good day at home. I took Millie to her athletics in the morning and that was the start of a relatively standard day.

That is to say, normal for us is not particularly normal!

We’ve had a bit of sick today, once in the late morning and once again late at night. It’s really frustrating because we’re trying hard to get enough fluid and food into him to protect his kidneys from the effects of the medicines…

We put the food through his NG tube at the best rate we can manage, but if he’s sick, we have to up the rate, which makes it more likely he’ll be sick, which means we have to push the rate and…

Kip has periods of hyper-energy when he wants to wrestle and play and run around, and other moments of feeling completely wiped out.

We had some magic moments today, not least early this morning when he came and tucked himself into bed with us. Games in the garden as usual, all the sofa cushions thrown on the living room floor, tacos for dinner and compulsory Octonauts.

Here’s hoping for more.


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