Stem Cell Transplant – Day 84

We ended the week with snow then sunshine. Millie went wild in the garden, and Kip stayed warm inside but still managed plenty of active play. My favourite bit of today was his race track playmat – his Lego pizza van seemed to have gone out of control and smashed through an innocent crowd of velociraptors.

They played together as well, building a running track up and down the stairs, coned off with a bunch of takewaway espresso cups that we’ve unaccountably managed to gather in our arts and crafts box.

Sarah led a major effort to get enough fluid and feed into him today, valiantly chasing him down and persuading some water through the tube up his nose. Keeping on top of medications and timing the anti-sickness meds to prevent vomiting is an unrealised goal as yet; we’ve tried some different timings but still had a couple of episodes with the sick bowls. We’re hoping that Kip’s kidneys are doing well enough to keep him out of hospital; we’ll have some answers after clinic on Tuesday.

Anyway., tomorrow is the start of a new week and we go into it with as much optimism as we can muster. Thanks for all your support and messages, we hope to have news (good or bad!) soon…


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