Stem Cell Transplant – Day 86

Wake up boo.

Clinic visit today. And that’s not a kind of “we popped in for tea and scones and socialised with all our chums”. It’s driving into the centre of town at rush hour, finding a parking space next to a building site and some exceptionally dodgy “housing” that I used to have to visit in my day job, heading in to clinic to be kept in a small room having bloods taken and central line dressing changed and waiting until the medics come.

A big annoyance, and I realise this may not seem so serious considering everything else, is that there is no remote control for the TV. There is a wibbly button on the back that’s meant to switch it on, then you wibble the button around to select “Freeview” and then nudge it upwards from BBC 1 (channel 001) to CBeebies (channel 202). The truly annoying part, however, is that the reason there is no remote control is because somebody stole it.

Somebody stole the remote control from a childrens’ haematology outpatients room.

They stole a remote for a television they almost certainly didn’t have, and stole it from a paediatric cancer unit.

That, right there, is the definition of an asshole.

Moving on…

Kip had his central line dressing changed again today. It should normally last for a week, but for some reason the dressing needs changing every 4-5 days, probably because of the skin cream we have to put on him. It’s not a procedure he enjoys (it’s a sticky plaster that covers a quarter of his chest – nobody would enjoy it) but he understands the need for it, and I’ve got my technique down well enough that he’ll insist I do it; this is great for my ego.

We also got Kip hooked up to some IV fluids which gave his tummy a rest from the demands of flushing his kidneys, and he was all the happier for it.

Two sets of bloods were taken; the first to establish the overall health of his blood, liver and kidneys, and the second to start looking for signs of T-Cell recovery.

Kip’s kidneys are doing a bit better, but the numbers are still just above the high side of acceptable, so we continue plugging on with our intensive regimen. We also found a bacteria in his urine, so a new antibitotic was added to bump that off.

The sunshine-y news is that Kip’s spinal fluid didn’t show any cancer cells* and his bone marrow “looks normal”*

We are still waiting for confirmation of the sample taken last Tuesday but it looks kind of positive*.

The other sunshine-y news is that Kip hasn’t been sick today at all. I will claim ALL of the credit for this, obviously.


*This result does not mean Kip is cured, it just means that they haven’t found a cancerous cell. Leukaemia might still be present, or it might be gone for good. This is one of the uncertainties we are living with and will continue to live with as long as Kip lives.

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