Stem Cell Transplant – Day 87

Kings of the Swingers

An excellent day, Sarah took Millie and Kip out to enjoy the countryside while I stayed at home waiting for two delivery drivers to turn up.

In other excellent news, there was no puke today.

In further excellent news, Kip at a bite of apple (after I had to wash and peel the entire thing) and then a couple of mouthfuls of macaroni cheese. This is further proof that my cooking is the absolute boss.

Playtime in the garden was great as we finally got a bit of warmth in the atmosphere.

Kip’s still experiencing dry skin on his feet and hands as an after-effect from all that rash horribleness a couple of weeks back. His face, happily, is good enough to get painted!

Every day now is a day working towards recovery and hoping as much as we can for his bone marrow, of whatever nationality, to start functioning properly. I’m going to keep this blog going until we know. You might have to put up with some vague posts as I essentially try and fill it up with interesting stuff while we’re just waiting. But if you’ve got any questions about stuff, chances are others want to know so go ahead and ask them in the comments, on Facebook or Twitter and I’ll try and answer with a suitably level of accuracy and silliness.


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