Stem Cell Transplant – Day 89

My mood as represented by an herbaceous dinosaur…

On Thursday night, just after 11pm, Kip made a little whimper so I went to check on him. Complaining of a sore tummy, his temperature was just above the fever line, so off to the hospital we trotted.

Naturally, as soon as we got to the hospital, the fever went away and he slept soundly (except for when we had to do a Covid swab up his nose, which got a predictable reaction).

After eight hours in the paediatric assessment unit (PAU), we were taken to a nice room back on Ward 19, where Kip spent all those weeks several weeks ago.

The nurses and domestics greeted him like an old friend, and Kip was wheeled down the corridor on a bed, sat upright and surveying his domain, and shouting “smelly pants” at everyone.

I escaped mid-morning to catch up on sleep, Sarah took over and, after dinner, I got to enjoy a water fight with Millie in the garden.

Initial suspicions turn to a bladder infection, but it’s too soon to be conclusive.

What was good though was finding out that, after last week’s bone marrow aspiration, there is no sign of leukaemia. We still don’t know if any donor cells are hanging in there or if his own immune system is working properly, but for now there’s no sign of cancer, which is very welcome.


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