Stem Cell Transplant – Day 90

Kip, fresh water.

Second full day in hospital sees some encouraging signs for Kip’s kidneys; he’s been hooked up to intravenous fluids so all the nasties are getting flushed out a bit better.

Having the fluids IV in this way is also taking a bit of the burden off his stomach, and so he’s been a bit less vomity.

And he even got a bit of appetite back – and grumpily demanding that the nurses bring him lasagne!

His favourite activity for the day has been a bit of water play, skooshing the syringes into cups, sooking it up again and squirting hither and yon no doubt, with the odd drink of it in between.

He also had a video call with his Granny (get well soon!) and Grandpa up in Shetland – coincidentally at the same time as Millie and I called up there too, so there was a chat between Millie and Kip via their grandparents 600 miles away holding their phones together!

Changeover in the morning and we’ll start to figure out how we move on from here.


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