Stem Cell Transplant – Day 92

Yay! Everything is going so… ah ffs.

What a great morning, cuddles and smiles and running around playing games.

Millie and Kip were really helpful in the garden – helping me to stack firewood to dry out for next winter – and once we were done they got back to the serious business of playing on the rope swing and jumping on the tractor tyre!

I took Millie off to her little home education group meeting (a little nature reserve I’d never been to where a friend introduced me to the Bristolian concept of giving a newt a “smooth” – there’s not enough space on the internet to give this the proper context).

After a coupl of hours, I got a phonecall from Sarah saying Kip had become ill quite suddenly. He was tired and lethargic, had been very sick and wouldn’t stop vomiting long enough to have the anti-vomit medications – several backward steps in a very short time. I rushed home, we quickly got Kip back to the hospital we’d left less than 24 hours earlier, and he’s staying in again tonight.

His blood pressure was seriously low, so he was given a big dose of IV fluids and made a quick response. The working theory at the moment is gastroenteritis (although it could be other things). He had a fever in the early evening, and so we’re likely to be in for another few days at least.

Chaos reigns, so I’m off to bed!


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