Stem Cell Transplant – Day 94

Here’s a picture from four years ago today.

I share this for two reasons:

  1. It’s an utterly adorable picture of an utterly adorable little boy, and
  2. I didn’t take any pictures today

Kip was very playful and entertaining today, despite the constant frustration of being isolated in this one room and tethered to the pumps so he couldn’t run around.

We’re progressing in some ways; Kip’s tolerance of the high fluid intake has benefitted his kidneys and hopefully his insides. Once he can tolerate all of this just orally then we’re probably looking at getting h*** again.

On the downside, there’s a very unnatural colour of poo coming out of him… runny, bright green with darker green bits, like radioactive pesto. So there’s been that in my day.

Kip’s digestive system has really taken a hammering with all the antibiotics. We’ll be so glad when his system has recovered to the point where his central line can come out – once that happens we don’t have to treat a temperature with these powerful antibiotics, his guts will recover and we can really start moving forward.

We’re waiting on T-cell recovery. The magic number is 0.3, we’re currently at 0.22.

The bad news for transplant is that the donor cells are getting fewer and fewer. This might make T-cell recovery happen sooner but it leaves the future very uncertain.

In the meantime, Kip reminds everyone that his birthday is in eleven days. He’s got such a joy for the future – maybe I’ll tell you about that tomorrow.


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