Stem Cell Transplant – Day 98

Singe when you’re winning.

It’s not all leukaemia and relapses and fevers and salmonella and ESBL and gut inflammation and invasive procedures and viruses in our house, oh no.

Because Kip is a little boy who likes to explore his world and literally play with fire…

Which is fine apart from the four and a half seconds I was doing something else that it took for Kip to take a little twig out of the firepit in the garden, blow out the miniscule flame at the tip and press the glowing end onto the top of his head.

“I thought it would be warm” he said once he’d stopped screaming. Ice pack applied, damage minimised but he had burned away a memorable crescent of hair, scorching the skin in what will be his most vividly remembered memory of the day.

Millie and Kip have been a bit on edge for the last couple of days; their Grandma and Grandad (Sarah’s parents) have been staying with us since the end of January and are heading home tomorrow. It will be a big change in the dynamic of the household and the kids know things are going to be weird while we adjust.

It’s been great to have them here, to support in looking after Millie while Kip was in hospital and we had to do changeovers, helping round the house, playing boardgames and seeing to the shopping.

On the other hand I can start swearing round the house again 😉


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