Stem Cell Transplant – Day 99

There’s no one quite like Grandma.

A big and emotional start to the day as we said goodbye to Sarah’s folks.

They’ve been here since the day after Kip’s initial admission for stem cell transplant, so 14 weeks all in.

We’re going to miss them, the kids especially. Grandma was always there for games and Grandad has built settings and climbing frames and monkey bars in the garden that bring the kids such joy.

To make up for the big change, we kept the kids as busy as possible all day, Kip in the garden and Millie up in the hills with her homeschool group.

Sarah and I also had a consultation with one of the community teams over Zoom, which was a good opportunity to ask questions and have a little vent about three uncertainty we’re all in.

Clinic tomorrow for more tests and, eventually we hope, the potential for answers.


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