Stem Cell Transplant – Day 101

A really difficult night last night, the first time Kip had been sick in ages just topping off our stress about his weight.

He was really tired and lethargic all morning, but we had him hooked up to the dreaded energy shakes. A difficult choice as he wasn’t particularly well while taking it previously, but he’s so thin that we just had to risk a bit of discomfort in the name of calories.

Eventually he got some energy though, and we ventured out for a trip to the park. Ten minutes of running about and he was ready to head home.

The rest of the day past completely without incident, and Kip even managed some dinner, had his medication without incident.

I got a phonecall in the late afternoon from a total stranger asking questions about salmonella – I’d forgotten that it’s a reportable disease and some details were required for Public Health England.

Hoping for a bit more energy tomorrow for some playtime in the garden!


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