Stem Cell Transplant – Day 102

Sick beats.

Day 102 can get itself firmly into Room 101; noxious fluids from several directions venting out of the poor wee man.

He started the day quite well though he was clearly very tired. His appetite has come back a fair bit, and he was demanding smoked salmon and chicken nuggets (which is difficult because we don’t have any). Then after a wee while he complained he was tired and basically spent the rest of the day on the sofa with a brief Mr Creosote impersonation shortly after lunch.

A good long sleep followed, then after a brief trip to the garden, a game of chess with Millie, a couple of episodes of the Twirlywoos and then off to bed.

Tomorrow is clinic day and we’re anxiously awaiting the results of the T-cell count. If crossing fingers made any difference we’d be doing it. Instead, we’ll plug on with the fluids and milkshakes to keep trying to get his weight up.


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