Stem Cell Transplant – Day 103

Second clinic visit of the week to catch up on an anomalous lab results, the weight issue, and an update on the T-Cells.

Tuesdays dodgy liver results turned out to be an error of some sort, so no further action required there.

His weight has at least stopped going down; now we need him to stay putting on weight again. Here looks really thin and is getting tired very quickly.

The T-Cell report was not the good news we were hoping for, but it’s not particularly bad news; the number has dropped very slightly. Apparently these things happen… one of those “two steps forward and three steps back” things which I am choosing to frame as his cells trying to style this out by doing an interpretive dance.

The vomit problem is still a daily threat and, just after he got home from clinic, he puked out his NG tube again. The community nurse came not long after and we negotiated a replacement up his nose and into his stomach. This bit never gets easier for him, you can’t just stop the choking reflex. One day that tube will come out and he’ll never need another.

One day…


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