Stem Cell Transplant – Day 106

What an awesome day!

Kip slept a bit later than usual – a bit odd as given the past few days of excitement I expected him to be up at the crack of dawn demanding presents and Coco Pops – and we had a brilliantly joyful morning playing together.

He got his dream gift from his Aunties – a ride-on digger – and both kids spent ages typing all kinds of bruck on the floor and account it up again.

We were entertained on WhatsApp by family and a couple of friends at the end of the garden path.

Combined with no signs of sickness, no discomfort and generally more energy, and that he’s put on a bit of weight at last, today is down as one of the best days of the year so far!

Thanks everyone for sending birthday wishes to Kip. Now we just reset the decorations for Millie’s birthday on Saturday!


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