Stem Cell Transplant – Day 114

Drip the boy, drip the boy…

The saga continues…

A full day in the hospital with reviews from haematology and gastroenterology teams. Kip’s weight is a concern because, what with all the diarrhoea and the damage to his gut from, well, four years of being nuked with antibiotics, chemotherapy and the recent radiation. The team (and us) feel that he’s just not absorbing enough nutrition from the feeds, which gives himthe runs, which reduces absorption, which makes him sicker, so he gets a temperature, so he gets antibiotics that knacker his guts… and the vicious cycle continues.

The deal is that the feed going through the tube up Kip’s nose is getting massively reduced, and for a good while he’ll be getting his nutrition straight into his bloodstream. Parenteral nutrition (PN) contains a mix of sugars, fats, vitamins and minerals that’s drip fed through his central line, bypassing his throat, stomach and intestines.

For the next week at least, we’ll be in the hospital trying to get Kip’s weight up where it should be and we can start moving on with the recovery.

As we start figuring out where we are, the poor laboratory team were overwhelmed with samples; wee, blood and poo to search for whatever nasties might be causing the current troubles.

More on this story as it develops…


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