Stem Cell Transplant – Day 115

The jelly and the IV

You would think being the parent in hospital with a child who is almost exclusively in his bed and mostly asleep then I’d have time to read, write, work on my zen, contemplate the myth of reality…

In truth it’s mostly tidying and trying to persuade Kip to eat some jelly until I’m too exhausted to construct a meaningful sentence in my head.

Changeover Day with Sarah getting home, and getting up to speed with Kip’s medications, routines and requirements.

Delightfully, his dressing had already been changed (the one that covers his central line, you can just see it poking out the top of his vest) so all that really had to be done was getting him a wee bath. That’s an appropriate choice of words because, just as I was lifting him out, he did a wee. Great stuff.

I was really pleased to see him eat a bit; so jelly, followed by garlic bread, then a potato wedge, a taste of ice cream. Goodness knows what Dr Kellog would make of it all!

A decent sleep was denied by fevers; starting in the mid afternoon they basically lasted all night, even with paracetamol. It was really tough, we’re used to seeing the temperature come down nicely with paracetamol, especially when it’s given through the line rather than swallowed. Fortunately all his other physical signs (blood pressure, pulse, oxygen levels) were completely fine, which was some reassurance.

Then through the night the various pumps (four of them!) all needed adjusting and monitoring and resetting, and Kip’s innards kept cramping and venting (three changes of bedding!), so I think the longest sleep was an hour without interruption.

Coffee. Coffee is the answer. And maybe some sort of cure.


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