Stem Cell Transplant – Day 116

A full day of lethargy, tiredness, fevers, abdominal pains, fevers, paracetamol, fevers and sleeping as much as possible.

For all the effort put in I got only one smile from Kip all day. He was really struggling, which is understandable given he must feel absolutely rubbish but can’t express how he’s feeling.

One high point for him was a visit from the teacher, who brought him some activities (stuff that we already have but it’s not a parent making him do it so it must be fun..!). That also gave me the opportunity to get outside for twenty minutes and break out of the little ward bubble.

Having a long admission is really difficult for the four of us, so it was a real boost that Dad was able to come down to help for a few days; a not-insignificant journey of 600+ miles by ferry and train from Shetland. We’re so luckythat, despite distance, family can be around to help.

Lab tests show that the virus count is coming down, slowly but steadily. No nasty bacteria have grown in the Petri dishes either. What’s annoying is we haven’t been able to find a cause for the fevers.

Hoping for improved temperatures tomorrow, and for Kip to have the strength, energy and comfort he deserves, and maybe even a few laughs!


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