Stem Cell Transplant – Day 117

Changeover Day arrives again, and a marked difference from yesterday; Kip woke up full of energy and good humour, and a big appetite.

A bowl of Frosties was summoned and steadily consumed as we played Top Trumps. Kip suspiciously won nearly every round; I think he cracked my code of “I’ll definitely win this one so long as you don’t choose Top Speed”…

Lots of laughs were had, though the occasional bit of abdominal pain ruined the mood and brought on a few tears as well.

Kip enjoyed a mid-morning visit from the education team again, which gave Sarah and I a chance to have a twenty minute walk around the side streets as we did our handover. During admissions, this counts as a date! You have to adjust your standards a bit when your little one has cancer…

We wait for a 48 hour gap with no fevers (which would be Sunday morning) so we can get him off the antibiotics, for his weight to come up again (from a terrifying low of 14.9kg, up to 15.5kg this afternoon), and for the viral count of this Epstein-Barr to reduce significantly. If it doesn’t, we’ll have to start him on a new medication.

But that’s a problem for Monday, and today has more than enough of its own.



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