Stem Cell Transplant – Day 119

I’ll play Top Trumps with you laddie…

A significant improvement today; Kip hadn’t had a fever in 48 hours, so we could discontinue the Meropenem antibiotic, hopefully giving his intestines a bit of a rest. As the intravenous feed is titrated and tuned to meet Kip’s nutrition needs, he can eat normal food just for the fun of it.

A mixed diet will really help his digestive system recover, but it seems at the moment he just wants chicken and Doritos. I’m really not convinced a completely beige diet is the restorative we’re hoping for, but so long as he’s happily consuming calories that aren’t too trashy we won’t complain. Yet.

The changeover continues every two days, so Sarah and I are passing each other with big bags full of toys, clothes and food in the foyer of the hospital, a brief hug and handover and then back to being strangers.

Small things we can be thankful for include the massive window that affords a fine view of… a building site, but to the sides we can see across to the far side of the city. Most importantly, we can see the other side of the ringroad and wave to our friends as they leap around outside the Salvation Army building. To Kip and I it was a nice interaction, but to anyone passing by it might have looked a bit unusual!

Kip has also been enjoying playing Ocean Top Trumps with anyone who remains stationary for more than a few seconds. Somehow he manages to keep hold of the great white shark and blue whale cards all the time, and I inevitably suffer the indignity of tube worms and sea cucumbers.

Hoping to hear about viral loads coming down, T-cells coming up and weight coming back.


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