Stem Cell Transplant – Day 121

A fun-filled day with lots of energy, but still hooked up to the pumps which restricts Kip’s movements a lot.

We got a full day without stomach cramps or sickness (genuinely the whole day!) and at the medical review everyone was very positive.

A visit from the teacher in the afternoon was my excuse to go for a walk and enjoy the glamorous surroundings, taking in the car park, the other car park, an office block and the magistrate’s court.

Kip really enjoyed playing Poo Bingo, which is a legitimate game and not some horrid new bathroom past-time he’s picked up in hospital…

There were endless re-runs of Top Trumps as well, so that might have to have an accident in the next couple of days! The great thing about Top Trumps is it’s nice and compact and doesn’t require a playing area. Even with those games, bits of reading and lessons, I’m still very thankful for our Amazon Fire Stick; Kip plays Top Trumps, gets interested in Lions Mane Jellyfish then wants to watch videos about them on YouTube.

A very positive day, all things considered.


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