Stem Cell Transplant – Day 122

Another day, another NG tube…

Kip had somehow been given the wrong feed overnight, and so through the day he had some me stomach cramps, nausea and then a big spew that took out his NG tube again.

Other than that, he was able to have four hours disconnected from all the pumps. The intravenous feed has been doing its job and helping him to put on some weight, and he’s starting to tolerate bigger amounts of feed through the nose tube. This is all good progress toward going h***.

The day was a bit of a landmark for us as well; it marked four years since Kip’s admission to hospital, when he got his first central line and began steroids and chemotherapy. While it’s Day 122 of this particular treatment, it’s been a full 1,461 days. Some highs, some real lows along the way but most importantly he’s still here.


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