Stem Cell Transplant – Day 123

Happy? Nope.

The day began with serious sad news; we woke to learn that my paternal grandmother died in the early hours. Millie and Kip loved charging around their great-Granny’s house in Leicestershire and we’ll miss her warmth, generosity and hospitality very deeply.

Sarah and I swapped over around lunchtime after briefly meeting our co-transplantee friend Isobel and her dad Kev for a quick catch up in the foyer. They’re further down the treatment road and a great encouragement for us all.

Some positive news as Kip’s weight had been up, so the team decided (without us, it has to be said) to take him off the intravenous nutrition and rely on what he ate and what went up the nose tube.

This meant Kip got to have some time unattached from pumps and machinery and so I enjoyed watching him run around the room like a squirrel on speed!

He had an early visit from the teacher because she had another kid booked in for the usual 2pm slot – but because that kid had fallen asleep, Kip got to have a bonus session of games and colouring and numbers which he absolutely loved.

With all the action, he got tired out quite early, and I spent some time playing Countdown on the tablet. Yes, I could have been productive, tidied up organised things but stuff it, we’d had a hell of a day.



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