Stem Cell Transplant – Day 124

Bring me sunshine..!

The highlight of the day was letting Kip have a session unattached from the machines; he grabbed the umbrella and pretended to be a jellyfish (a Lion’s Mane Jellyfish in particular).

Kip’s weight has dropped again to below 16kg. This is not what we were expecting, but apparently it’s normal after the parenteral nutrition has been stopped.

The big deal now is getting him to eat enough actual food so we’re not reliant on the bottles of feed going up his nose.

Top Trumps and discussions about bowhead whales (theirs heads are the size of school buses) and colossal squid (which get eaten by sperm whales) and giant siphonophores filled a good portion of the day, so I was quite happy to get out for half an hour!

There are no medical interventions going on, we’re just waiting for Kip to tolerate the feed so we can start heading h***, but the weight loss feels like a backward and complicating step.

Hopefully some news of progress at medical review tomorrow.


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