Kip’s fevers didn’t resolve and he was remaining lethargic, really not himself at all.

He was reviewed in clinic on Tuesday and we all agreed he needed admitting for diagnostic tests – he should have been showing some signs of recovery but if anything he’d got slightly worse.

That meant an ultrasound scan, a CT scan and, to be done under a general anaesthetic, a lumbar puncture, bone marrow aspiration and the fitting of a new central line.

The ultrasound was a particular horror. I know enough to notice something abnormal, but nothing like enough to interpret what’s on the screen. Safe to say a big round shape scared the daylights out of me, with good reason.

The thinking is that there are lesions or abscesses in Kip’s kidney, liver, lungs and spleen. Most likely cause is a fungal infection, which falls into the “serious but treatable” category.

More tests are required, and a biopsy might happen next week.

A more complete update will come soon, once I’ve caught up on sleep!

Meanwhile Kip has been started on a powerful antifungal treatment which he’s tolerating so far, and he’s been winking at the nurses too!


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