Sarah’s update

In the aftermath of Kip’s death, I am grieving but I know that I am not alone. Mothers and fathers around the world lose children every day; around 15,000 child deaths under the age of five daily.

The contrast between the amazing and costly medical care Kip received for his complex and serious condition, and the children who die from very much simpler conditions is very stark to me. The inequality of this really bothers me. I hope that as a result of Kips short life, we can make a difference to some children and their parents who may face the loss of a treasured child for want of basic medical care.

Money raised with our GoFundMe will go to charities who make a difference to childrens’ lives, especially tackling problems in countries with extreme poverty where the biggest impact is possible*.

We have already used some of the money raised since October 2020 to send:
• £1000 to Unicef – see their work here:
• £1000 to World Child Cancer –
• £500 to Anthony Nolan Trust who provided Kip with a Stem cell donor through their amazing coordination of stem cell registers. (If you haven’t signed up to be a stem cell donor please do so)
• £500 to Young Lives Vs Cancer who have supported us a lot this past four years.

The response to our GoFundMe has exceeded our expectations quite dramatically, and we’re almost ready to make further donations to Equalize Health and World Child Cancer.

Some of the money donated will also be used by us as a family to help recover from our bereavement, plan some experiences and support Millie with whatever will help her rebuild after losing her little brother. 

Thank you, the support we have had over the last week is deeply appreciated.


*The largest causes of child deaths are communicable diseases, maternal and neonatal complications, and nutritional diseases. These are often treated with relatively simple measures, medicine or technology. Child mortality has decreased dramatically in every country in recent decades but the daily human tragedy remains high.

For more information please visit:

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