A week later

A whole seven days have passed since our wonderful Kip died.

It seems simultaneously to have passed unnervingly quickly and fearfully slowly, as if we are inhabiting a different universe where the usual rules of time and space do not apply.

We have so much to do. A funeral, a coffin, a venue, a celebration, a memorial booklet for the service, food and drink, guests and dates have consumed our brains with occasional time out for sudden unbearable memories.

And there has been light as well. Laughter, incongruous and sometimes guilt-inducing, but laughter as a release and an affirmation of the joy our delightful son brought to the room.

Light from around the world as those who heard of him recall Kip’s little rant in the underpass, sharing condolences and how those few words felt right for them too.

We are so fortunate to have selfless family supporting us, dear friends taking some of the burden from us. In our small community, friends whose lives have also included the trauma of losing a child; that awful shared experience as some kind of anchor to unbearable present reality.

And our wonderful Millie too; affectionate, adventurous and so, so brave.


5 thoughts on “A week later

  1. One week on and you are all very much in my heart. Reading your words make me feel closer to you all once again, and I really treasur them.


  2. Your journey of grief is just beginning. Give yourselves permission to laugh, remember & talk about Kip. There will be plenty of time to cry & feel the pain that losing a child brings. Some days will be easier to cope with the grief than others. Look after each other. Thinking of you all. Xx


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