L.A.K. – Life After Kip

Two weeks have passed since our Kip passed.

It’s been a scary and busy and painful week since my last post. We booked a funeral, booked a venue for the wake (though we’re calling it a celebration, because the word “wake” is just horrible to say), wrote the service and made a book to go with it.

And a further bereavement on Monday as Mum’s mum died, only six weeks after Dad’s mum died.

We are having a very shitty year.

There have been small positives in spite of it all.

One more time, Kip was featured on Kermode & Mayo’s film review programme (listen here, about 37mins in). So many listeners to the show have got in touch on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram to pass on their condolences. We’re just getting to understand what an impact Kip’s humour has had on the world.

And, inspired to do something to help other families in similarly crappy circumstances, today we were thrilled to see our fundraiser reach £30,000!

The reality of our week has been busyness, periods of numbed emotions like we’re carrying a huge burden (because we are), moments of joy as we play together with Millie and remember good times, often followed by tears and awful sadness as the sheer size of the loss makes itself known again. And again.

Right now we concentrate on giving Kip the best goodbye that we can.

And then, it’s the big What Now?



2 thoughts on “L.A.K. – Life After Kip

  1. Im so sorry Kip died. As i read ur blogg there is such a familiarity to me as my sons died in 2020 age nine. Their names were Bart and Ted they were twins and although we knew they were life limited i still cant believe they died and 6 months apart. You have got to be kidding right? . I would like to have been able tp write about our experience but i find that i often have no words that i think adequately do justice to how i feel. All i know is that you can get through it i know this becasue i have and will carrying on getting through it for the rest of my life. How you get through it might be different to how other people do it…. But u can.
    A few days after Barty died. I listened to a pod cast its by Elizabeth day interviewing mo gawdat. His son dying when he was 18 years old. Its worth a listen it helped me know i can have power over my thoughts and when to recognise negative thoughts that arent helpful. I hope you do what is right for you ans your family as you go forward. There is balance to be found in holding on and letting go and it is hard. But and this is important u are not alone. It can feel lonely because some people close to you wont know what to do or say. They go back to theor lives…. But other people will help they will surprise you. Thinking of you and your family. And sending love. Xx


  2. Yes you are having a really rough year and I feel for you, but no matter what people say it cannot take the pain that you are feeling away. It must have been so hard organising Kips funeral but the ‘wake should be a celebration of his life as you say. God bless, Catherine


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