Challenge un-underway!

It’s the 13th of June so we should be nearly finished our ride through Wales, right?

So why am I sitting in Birmingham?

Well, there’s a bit of a story to that… Several of our riders (four!) have contracted Covid of various severity in the last couple of months which has really impacted their ability to train.

And Kip’s auntie was burgled and her bike is currently on a dodgy website in Poland!

Until there’s a new bike and some fully-recovered lungs, we’re postponing the challenge to 19th-22nd August.

Oh, and we had a baby too.

Kip’s little brother, Arlo Jack, was born in mid-May so we’re trying to reintroduce the concept of sleep into the home…

You can support our fundraising here, follow us on Strava, and keep in touch on Twitter.

Find out more about our chosen charity Love The One.

Get a t-shirt and share your love of Smelly Pants Wee here!

Thanks all for your support and help.


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