Progress in Pedals

Yesterday was a good training session, covering 28 miles in a couple of hours. Felt very positive and then…

Well, smart technology has its uses but sometimes there’s a bit too much information. You can easily end up staring at your pulse rate stressing about it being so high, which makes it harder to relax which keeps your pulse high which…

In the evening four of us riders had a great Zoom chat and sorted the route out, and some of the accommodation too.

Day One we’ll set off from Cardiff to Brecon, just over 50 miles.

Day Two is Brecon to Macynlleth, an altogether more challenging 75 miles and thousands of feet up.

Day Three from Macynlleth to Porthmadog, which will be “easier”.

Day four we finish with a long day through Caernarfon, Bangor, across Anglesey to Holyhead

Might need a beer after that…

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