Five (plus Two)

Happy 7th Birthday to our beautiful, invisible boy!

Kip was born at City Hospital on the 3rd of May 2016; a date he and we got used to repeating over and over again with every procedure and medication – “Can you confirm his fullname?” and “what’s his date of birth?” were much more fun when Kip answered it.

Before he was born, we didn’t know what his name would be, so we referred to him as Haggis. I remember Millie being so excited to have a little brother or sister, she would speak to him in his mother’s tummy all the time, watching his movements and anticipating cuddles.

When he was born, we came back from the hospital about 8am. Sarah headed for the house first, to give Millie a big hug. Millie pushed right past her, stood in the front door and yelled out to the street “DADDY, WHERE’S HAGGIS?!”

Millie was just a few days from her 3rd birthday when Kip arrived in our world.

Today is the second birthday since he died. Some people say it gets easier with time; I don’t think so. It’s just different. We’re still having a party in the park, around the memorial tree. On Saturday we’ll head out to the countryside where his ashes were buried and have another celebration, probably a lot sadder than today.

So far today, we’ve been blessed with sunshine and clear skies. The blossom is in the trees, the birds are singing, the house has the burbling of a baby and Millie’s steadily-improving drumming to keep us busy.

There’s a lot going on, but there’s still a hole at the middle we’re all circling around, an unavoidable void.

Happy Birthday Kip, we miss you so much.


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