Oh poop

We were very excited about our upcoming bike ride through Wales…

Here’s a boy who loved his bicycle!

We had to put in a big delay from our original June date because some nasty people stole some bikes. And getting a replacement wasn’t as easy as nipping to Halfords – supply chain problems of Brexit and Covid and the general awkwards of the Universe meant a delay to 19th August.

Hotels and campsites booked, support vehicles organised, nearly 20% of our fundraising target achieved, just about to book some train tickets and…

We have Long Covid on the team.

We have a leg injury.

We have a back injury.

We have… another delay.

We’re all pretty upset, but we’re a team and we go together or we don’t go at all.

So, with our apologies but massive gratitude for your support so far, we have another delay.

April 2023, and we’re doing this thing even if my limbs are falling off and the Sun has gone dark!

Until then, time to get a bit more training in…

Forever, #TeamKip.


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