Stem Cell Transplant – Day 125

Walk this way.

125 days after the Long Stay began (and with various trips in and out between), here’s Kip walking out of the hospital.

What’s different about this time is the magic 0.4; Kip’s T-Cells are above 0.3 and staying there, after successfully weeding out the Epstein-Barr virus. Clinically, formally, joyfully, Kip is now “recovered”.

His weight started to come up again, 150g higher than yesterday but it’s a fair way back to his ideal weight (I do not recommend stem cell transplant as a weight loss programme). He seems o be tolerating the feed quite well and, since the virus is in check and he’s producing antibodies to it there was no need for us to remain in hospital.

Some of his medications have been stopped as well, sadly including the only one that he actually liked the taste of, and what he has to take now will gradually taper down to a single medicine. He’ll be taking twice-daily doses of penicillin forever, but that will be it about five months from now.

We’re back in clinic on Tuesday, but Kip gets to spend the rest of the weekend playing in the garden with Millie and Grandpa.

Welcome to the jungle.

I promised to keep this daily blog going until we got to T-Cell recovery, so now I’m going to take a few days off and will do updates on clinic and theatre days.

We’re looking ahead to the removal of Kip’s port and central line, further bone marrow and spinal fluid checks, and hopefully some sort of real life by the end of summer.

Thanks for being with us so far.


2 thoughts on “Stem Cell Transplant – Day 125

  1. Onwards and Upwards Kip!
    I have been following his progress (and setbacks) since hearing the, now infamous), “Smelly-Pants, Weeee!!!!!” recordings (HTJI!)
    The way you have all coped with a horrendous situation with bravery and humour is inspirational.
    Kip has been a true life lesson for my 9 year old son, who, when he gets stroppy because it is bedtime or enough XBox for the day, is reminded of how Kip is enduring infinitely bigger issues with far more strength and grace.
    Wishing our gloriously potty-mouthed hero and all the family our very best wishes for his continued recovery.

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