Kip – a video tribute

Our dear friend Dani put together this video from family snaps and clips.

I’ll be honest it’s a hard watch right now, but my goodness this boy had so many friends and loved ones in his life.

His funeral yesterday was the best we could make one of the worst days of our lives; but with laughter and dancing and pizza and Haribo and cakes and arts and trees and loads of people gathered together in love, we know he would have loved it.

Thanks to everyone who has bought merchandise and donated to our fundraiser – over £37,000 raised so far, with big donations going to Equalize Health and World Child Cancer. If you haven’t looked yet, please visit our Shop, our GoFundMe and follow on Twitter.



2 thoughts on “Kip – a video tribute

  1. Such beautiful photos of a handsome boy with his family and friends. Must have been a very difficult day for you all when you had to say good bye. Love Catherine 💔


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